201 N. 1st Avenue

This mural was installed as a Mural-in-A-Day on Saturday, April 2, 2005.
Over 55 members from the community came by to help paint the town.
Others honked and waved as they drove by throughout the day.
The mural is not quite finished – we still need to add the sponsor names and get
ready for the mural dedication. Please join us to help finish this mural.


Master Artist Kathy Fierro applies background to get ready for the big day View of the mural background Pencil line drawing of Jefferson Hunt
(Kathy traced the portrait using a projector at night)

The Big Day

Color application to a quick start Mural already taking shape at 8:41 am Main Street Murals gives temporary thanks to local businesses and organizations and individuals
Our friends the Bascoms, from Victorville, in Mormon Settler garb Mixing and doling out paint to muralists We were lucky to be on the route for the 40-mile run
The view of the mural from 1st Avenue at 11:15 am The Mormon Temple takes shape Other vignettes take shape
An alumni proudly wears his Main Street Murals t-shirt Visitors watch the mural unfold The covered wagon rides
Jefferson Hunt comes to life At 3:24 pm, only the details remain Lisa Bascom fixes Juliette’s apron